Terms and condition

1. Physical deliveries are "Trade day + 2days" (T+2) basis and customers have to take the deliveries within two working days after the trade has been done.

2. Customers need to maintain trade margin of 3% on the current gold rate at the time of booking the deals.

3. Fixing can be done only through landline telephones.

4. Customer can extend their value dates at the time of booking the deals and MTM will be maintained on the value date extended deals (ie. need to pay the differential value).

5. Booking deals will be confirmed through instant SMS/e-mails/backoffice reports which will be treated as customer confirmation until and unless reverted back within 12Hours.

6. Once the trade is executed the same can be seen in backoffice reports and a deal number will be generated for the particular transaction. The same will be used for all future references.

7. In case customer defaults the payment on the value date prevailing banker’s penalty will be applicable and we hold the rights to reverse back the transaction as per the prevailing market price.